LIFE INTERPRETATION 蜂的生態是生活的演繹,演化了幾千萬年

Pavilion Guide

The Ecological Exhibition Center

Don't miss it  - The Ecological Exhibition Center! Hung Gee Bees Farm is going to tell you about the colorful life of a bee!What perfect specifics they possess,Their magnificent changes insp...
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Walking through the Tunnel of the Million Bees

---( Under Maintenance ) ---Reservation only.Make your reservation 3 days before , no walk-in registration .Max. 20 person for once.Saturday & Sunday, 10 am only. We reserve the right to cal...
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DIY Honey Cake

Make your own CAKE !!! (RESERVATION ONLY!!!)How to make Honey Cake by yourself ?!DIY Fee:NTD200 /once ** min. 10 pcs for DIY class. Estimated time :1.5 hour(Approx. produce time: 30min. / Bak...
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DIY Bee Figure Painting

Be CREATIVE and have FUN !!!DIY Bee Figure Painting  - paint your own Bee FigureDIY Fee:NTD150Estimated time :1hour(Approx. produce time: 30min. )For more information, please contact us ...
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Bubbling Spring in Hung Gee

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Hung Gee's Ecological Leisure Farm

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