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Leezen's 20years - Senior Business Partner

  • Type. Announcement
  • Date. 2019.04.11

It was a great pleasure to join Leezen's 20years industry association !

Grandpa Lai has mentioned that:" Commodities is equal to a human character."We will keep 

Thank you for all of your interest in HUNG GEE bee farm's evaluation and affirmation. 

We sincerely appreciate your patronage and provide high-quality service and satisfactory products.

Hung Gee Longan Honey 700g -宏基龍眼蜜700g
Hung Gee Thailand Longan Honey 700g -宏基泰國龍眼蜂蜜700g
Hung Gee Honey Jelly Bar -宏基蜂蜜果凍條